Watch out, it's a horror game!  Happy Anniversary!

Arrow keys to move! F to plant carrots, E to open your inventory, Space to water, Shift to sprint.
Use G for the upgrade menu!
R will select the next available crop in your inventory.
T inspects your currently equipped crop (while inventory is open).
Enter activates the chat and H toggles hiding it.
Escape will show the WIP Pause menu, all the controls will be laid out there too.

Watch out for the snatcher spotted about your farm! They hunger for carrots and blood. 

Also, watch out for the mothman who appears at night! He'll attack quite suddenly, so make sure you're able to sprint away! Strawberry seeds can be gotten at night too. If you see the mothman during the day… you’d better run!

Finally beware of the scarecrow, do not get too close them or they'll suddenly give chase! They'll stalk you from just out of your vision range and take small movements whilst visible.

This game has online multiplayer functionality! (The game is currently designed to connect to the EU, US or SA photon server so you may experience troubles if you're connecting from further away)

Hosting information:  The first person to join the farm is the host. If the host tabs out then the game will run very slowly. If you're the host, remember to keep the browser window in focus for everyone! You can leave and the server should keep working.

Server Browser: A much requested server browser has been added! Now you can join any of the public servers or create your own servers. When trying to join a private server, have the host tell you the room name and enter it into the private server connect menu. You can now kick people and ban people in private servers (banning is only basic so please simply "close" the server if people are reconnecting, disallowing any new players from joining).

Please keep the chat friendly! If someone is not being friendly, you can use the mute option to prevent their messages from appearing.

The Market: The seed update has been released! Now every 2 minutes the market will open, allowing you to purchase single use seeds that are much more efficient than the single use carrot. Make sure you spend money on your crop value stat to get the most out of the new crops!
(also if you find yourself without enough money for the market, you can sneakily get a pickup at the bottom of the map every time the market opens that’ll give you a random bunch of seeds for free!)

Anniversary update!: It's been a whole year since I uploaded Cryptid Farm, thanks for playing! This update adds lots of useful quality of life features, like bonus animations, a dynamically moving camera, a short tutorial, and some moderation settings in the Player List.

If you wanted to continue to talk to the community, we have a Cryptid Farm discord server!


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags2D, cryptid, Farming, Horror, Multiplayer, Survival Horror, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer

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I have a new found fear of harmonicas and scarecrows, well done


Decided to play this just to see what was up, ended up pulling an all-nighter with friends yesterday AND the day before that. This game rocks. Can't wait to see any further development and super stoked for the steam release. Fantastic job guys!!


Just played this for an hour+ after saying "hey lets just try this out!"



I have now developed a fear of harmonicas

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I love this game, its fun to play with friends, but could you make it so that there is more than one chracter to play as? Just wondering. This was a character design that I came up with, you can use it if you want

Thanks for the character design, I like the hair shape! Character customization is a solid idea and one I might add some day after the game is finished :)

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... the snatcher managed to steal plants that were IN my house

edit: granted, this happened a few months ago


i cried 


It is very fun to play with friends!

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Bug: When traveling very fast, sometimes I go through the collider and enter the black fog. 

Also my stamina is consumed when I press shift even if I'm not moving


I absolutely love it!


as a fan of cryptids and the harmonica I really enjoyed this game! 

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Deleted 142 days ago

Woah. Spoopy



Deleted post

to the owners of this game can you please make it to where are progress save please some how please 

Why'd this game stop loading?


maybe you can try and fix the speed cause i had my speed at like 5. something and when i hit the darkness i fazed through the wall.

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i literally screamed when i saw that skinwalker, also my sis screamed


I feel like this game was tailor made for me, had a blast playing with my friends, thankyou for making this.




Great Game! Keep going!


I had a great time. :)


The game is actually surprisingly good, a friend introduced me to it a little while ago and i've got to say, it was pretty fun for a while.. until it got a bit repetitive. You see, at one point you only get more money and buy more water/movement speed/crop value or different things to plant but nothing else, it does not feel rewarding anymore. Also, if you start a game and want to plant something you bought with the 10 coins you get in the beginning, you cannot do anything because it costs money to plant veggies.. EVEN THE FREE CARROTS. My suggestions would be to add some kind of purpose to the game perhaps, to make the monsters a bit more frightening so that i feel like i Really don't want them to catch me -not only cause i'll lose money- and to look out for things like the pay-to-plant mechanic that might be unpleasant to deal with. Thanks for creating the game and keep it up!


will the game be available for download? someday?

There might be a way for me to separate game connections via "GameVersion" so that old clients can't connect to new ones, so possibly? I'll need to give it some testing first.

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new update plz me and my brother love this game i like the monsters so plz add more and make a shop and the map bigger.p.s plz add sherk as a monster when he spawns he will say what are you doing in my swamp then he will start runing when gets you  he will say hey now your a rock star and add a bait trap for the  snatcher 


best game ever keep it up


aa que jogo bom :D


for all the english speakers it means what a good game.


Torchs for nighttime?


best game


cool game


Howdy! I introduced this game to my yearbook class and they LOVED it! However, we keep having a problem where people get on and steal our crops. Is there a way so in the next update we can make our own servers? Thanks!


Make more games like this because me and my friend enjoyed it a lot