Fun arcade-like game for the Dream Arcade Achive game jam!
Click to jump, hit enemies and bounce off walls whilst racking up points. Comment your high scores!

Made in about 5 days lol, I'm pretty happy with the result but I wish I could've worked a bit longer on it. It's still a fun, short experience and has some challenging puzzles. I learnt a lot in terms of coding, art and working on a deadline!

Sound effects from Cave Story.


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I really like it. The movements feels good and I like that each room is like a puzzle, it's a nice mix between memory and skill. But the game feels a bit empty without music.

Ayyy thanks! Honestly yeah the lack of music is a bummer x) I might make an update just to add a random track to fill the silence


Great game! How he sticks to the wall and jumps feels good! Liked the scoring and moves part. Also room-fights was a nice design choice i think

thank you so much :DD